Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tips to Solve Scanpst Error: 'The procedure entry point DDLUninitinstance@0'

Microsoft Outlook uses MSMAPI32.dll file, which is a module associated with MAPI32 (Windows Messaging API). The application accesses this component for several purposes, also for running Scanpst.exe tool. The Scanpst utility is basically designed to fix corruption errors of an Outlook PST. If this fails for the issues rooting from MSMAPI32.dll, you fall in inevitable situations of losing your important data.

The Scanpst.exe file is a component of Outlook installation. So any errors in this installation can also prevent the associated tool-Inbox Repair Tool-from running. For example, suppose your Outlook PST is corrupted for some reasons. But when you locate Scanpst.exe file to start the PST file repair program, it fails and gives the below error message:

“The procedure entry point DDLUninitinstance@0 could not be located in the dynamic link library MSMAPI32.dll.”

The tool fails at each attempt of repairing the corrupted PST.


Some probable reasons for the above error to occur are:

(1) The version of existing MSMAPI32.dll file doesn't match with that of Outlook.

(2) Scanpst.exe is being tried to access from incorrect location. This can occur if another Outlook installation also exists on computer.


You need these solutions to solve this problem:

(1) Check if the version number of current MSMAPI32.dll matches with Outlook version in use. The version number of Outlook 2007 is 12, for Outlook 2003 is 11, for Outlook 2002 is 10, and for Outlook 2000 is 9. If not, you need to reinstall Outlook.

(2) Uninstall another Outlook installation that might be there on your computer. Run 'Detect and Repair' or complete reinstall for Outlook and try running the tool again.

(3) If Scanpst still cannot repair the corrupted PST, this might be due to high level of corruption in the file. To repair the PST in this case, you need to run a third-party repair product or alternatively, you can go for restoring from backup if available. The commercial PST file repair utilities use more powerful Scan pst algorithms and also, maintain the integrity of the file. The software are easy to install and use.

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