Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tips to repair when Scanpst Fails with Error '80040806'

When you cannot open an Outlook PST or suspect that the file is corrupt, it is suggested to use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool. The tool can be operated once you locate the associated file-Scanpst, which analyzes the file structure and performs the possible repair operations. But there can be situations when this tool might fail to repair the corrupted PST. It occurs specifically because the tool is available with certain limitations that prevent it from repairing the PST in all cases. In order to deal with such problems, you are suggested to switch to more powerful third-party applications.

For example, consider a practical instance of corrupted Outlook PST. To repair it, you locate the Scanpst.exe file and try to repair the file through Inbox Repair Tool. The repair cannot be completed and you receive an error as below:

Fatal Error: 80040806, dwErr=0

This error appears at the end of log, which also constitues messages like:

Attempting to fix original file
Attempting to copy back BBT

These symptoms suggest that Inbox Repair Tool is unable to fix PST corruption. Some general reasons that may cause Outlook repair tool to fail are:

(1) You are using an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) formatted PST that is above 2 GB in size. The Scanpst tool cannot repair PST corrupted due to 2 GB file size limitation. To solve this issue, you can crop the PST using the 2 GB truncation utility that truncates the affected file by a specified value. Though it makes the file repairable but also causes important data to delete.

(2) The Scanpst.exe file is not properly installed. So, you can try reinstalling Microsoft Outlook and rerun the PST repair process.

(3) If none of the above solutions work, you need a third-party repair utility. These tools are specifically built to perform a thorough procedure that can Scan pst and bring the effective results. Designed with a user-friendly interface, these utilities are much capable than Scanpst tool to repair a corrupted PST.

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