Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Solve Scnpst32.Dll Not Found Errors?

Microsoft Outlook provides Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) utility to fix a corrupted PST. The tool uses a file called 'Scnpst32.dll' for ANSI stores for this purpose of personal folder recovery. If the file goes corrupted or missing from Windows, the Scanpst tool fails and yields an error, such as mentioned in further reading. The article also describes some solutions that you can apply to solve the Scnpst32.dll errors.

To illustrate such problems, suppose your PST gets corrupted and fails to open with an error message (such as 'Unable to display the folder'). You decide to run Inbox Repair Tool as recommended, but running the utility returns an error as below:

“SCNPST32.DLL was not found. Re installing the application may fix this”

The tool fails with this error on each attempt of running the tool.


Scnpst32.dll is either missing, corrupted or unregistered. The Inbox Repair Tool cannot run without this file.


Following solutions can help you solve the given problem:

(1) To repair the corrupted PST only and not the tool, you can move the PST to another computer that has a clean Scan Pst and Scnpst32.dll file.
(2) You can register the Scnpst32.dll file by running the below command:

regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\SCNPST32.DLL.

(3) If you had downloaded the Scanpst.exe, you may have a copy of it. Try to use the tool and repair the corrupted PST from this copy.
(4) You can download the latest updates and hotfixes available for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 that include the Scnpst32.dll file.
(5) You can download the Scnpst32.dll file from a safe website and replace the damaged or missing one with this.
(6) You can repair your corrupted PST by using a third-party repair utility. These software can work even when the Scanpst fails.

The commercial tools that are designed specifically for repairing and restoring a corrupted PST prove highly competent. The software are easy to install and easy to use with suitable instructions. They guide you through quick steps and require no prior technical understanding to run such software.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair makes sure non-destructive PST file repair for files created with Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. The advanced and versatile Scan Pst product uses high-end scanning techniques. The software is easy-to-implement with suitably designed interface that resembles exactly with that of Outlook.

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